Trident Maple Bonsai

The Trident Maple (Acer Buergerianum), a species that originates from the China is a member of the Aceraceae family.

In common with most maples, tridents are apex dominant. They break their dormancy very early in the spring, after which growth is vigorous. They should be fed lightly throughout the growing season, and organic fertilizers will both provide adequate nourishment and reduce leaf burn.

Growth will slow when the temperature drops in the fall, but will not stop until the first frost. With the right combination of weather conditions, trident maples will give you a beautiful show of fall colors.

Trident maple bonsai can be grown from seeds, cuttings and air layers. Seeds collected in late fall should be washed with a mild fungicide, placed in a container with some moist sphagnum moss and refrigerated for eight to ten weeks. Then plant the seeds in a good–quality seed starter mix.

Cuttings taken from late spring to early summer should root readily, and using a good-quality rooting hormone will increase your success rate. Most trident maples can be air layered, and the procedure is best performed just after the new growth has hardened in late spring.

After cutting a ring in the bark, squeeze a large wire very tightly around the trunk to prevent new callous growth. Place moist sphagnum moss over the cut and cover it with poly tightly closed at both ends. Expect roots to appear between six to eight weeks thereafter.

Under bonsai cultivation, providing protection from severe cold, particularly taking steps to prevent the soil mass from frrzin, allows trident maples to be grown in extremely cold areas. Although they may survive, they will not thrive in tropical climates.

In colder northern-hemisphere areas, they lose their leaves from early fall to late fall and start budding from mid-spring to late spring.

Trident maples tolerate a wide range of soil conditions, but grow best in soils that drain fast, but remain moist, not weet. After two long growing seasones, you will need to undertake root maintenacne and provide new soil for developing trees. Mature trees should be checked after the third growing season.

Trident maples can be developed into any bonsai style, apart from those that make use of large amounts of dead wood. Large areas of dead wood determine the shape which can be left or carved. In all other styles and when working with young branches, you need to be aware that the wood quickly become hard and brittle, you should follow a stylig plan before you start.

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