Serissa Bonsai

The Serissa has a shrub like appearance with thick leaves that are oval in shape, dark green and about 20 inches tall. Most people will choose the Serissa because it has a neat, polished look with dense branch coverage and flowers that bloom for long period of time.

The trunk of Serissa is gray in color and rouge. The flowers of Serissa are shaped like funnel and almost completely white. The only drawback of the Serissa is that when you prune and repot, you will probably get a whiff of unpleasant odor.


  • The Serissa requires a lot of light and needs to be placed where it can get plenty of air and temperatures ranging from 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • However, you want to make sure the Bonsai does not sit in front of any drafts and if you want to give it some outdoor time in the summer, just make sure you set it under shade.

  • The best time to prune the Serissa is after the flowers have gone through the final blooming and new shoots have several nodes developed.

  • If you want to take proper care of your Serissa, you must repot it once in every two years. This is best done in the season of spring.

  • This Bonsai require often watering. Fertilize it once every two week with an organic fertilize.

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