Schefflera Bonsai

The Schefflera is a flowering plant, also known as the dwarf umbrella tree. This evergreen shrub is a popular selection for growing bonsai indoors.

Propagation of the Schefflera can be accomplished in several ways including from seed, cuttings, or air layering.

With origins in the tropics, the bonsai Schefflera has a preference for high humidity. To increase the humidity near the bonsai, place the pot on a shallow dish containing a layer of absorbent granules. Keep the granules constantly wet, so that as the water evaporates it drifts up around the foliage.


  • This tropical native plant prefers moisture at all times but avoid saturation when watering.

  • By pruning the roots, Schefflera can produce aerial roots, which add to its unique appearance.

  • This bonsai can handle most types of well-draining garden soils.

  • Feeding will be required throughout the summer for your Schefflera. However, the amount applied should be reduced during late summer.

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