Pruning Bonsai Tree

Pruning Bonsai is a process of removing heavier branches of your dwarf tree.

Pruning instruments should always be sharp and clean because blunt tool will leave a ragged stump, which could easily become a doorway for disease and pets.

When pruning a brunch, try to make the cut just above a bud that is pointing in the direction you want the branch to grow.

If the cut slopes downwards, then the water will run off and the chances of rot will be considerably lessened.

Heavy pruning should be carried out in autumn, winter, or early spring, and is the major way of shaping a bonsai tree.

The main priorities are to remove any branch that is too low at the front, any branch directly opposite another and any that crosses the front or back to the other side of the tree.

Leaf cutting should be done in early summer on deciduous trees that do not flower or fruit. Use sharp scissors to remove half of each leaf on weak branches or trees, but all but the stalk on strong wood.

In a few weeks the stalk will drop and the new small foliage and shoots will grow.

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