Oak Bonsai Tree

Oak trees are common in many types of climate and flourish in many temperatures. Oaks are very nature hardy, in the sense that they are very strong and resistant to insect attacks. So, this type of tree is a good for bonsai.


  • Feed young trees once every two weeks and older trees once a month.

  • You can consider repotting of your bonsai during the periods when your tree is in a dormant state.

  • Oaks do well in most soil mixes, but do not like soggy soil conditions. The normal mix is 50% grit to 50% organic.

  • Prune the leaves of your bonsai during the months of August. This should be done to promote new growth. Ensure that the tree is in proper health before carrying out the pruning exercise.

  • You should prune the roots during the spring season. During repotting also ensure that the Oak Bonsai is relatively strong and is not supple, as this would increase the risk of damage during the repotting exercise.

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