Jade Bonsai Tree

The Jade Tree is native to the South Africa. The trunk is nice and thick, with a thick, elliptic leaves that are a beautiful green color.

You need to make sure Jade Bonsai has sufficient light. Poor lighting will cause small leaves and a poor growth rate.

The leaves usually grow to about two inches, although they can be cut back to about one-half inch with regular pruning. For the Bonsai style, you will find the best options to be clump or informal upright.


  • This plant requires only light watering without the soil drying out in between watering.

  • About every two or three years, you will need to repot this tree.

  • Fertilize your Jade Bonsai once a month, from spring to fall.

  • To produce new branches, individual leaves should be removed immediately.

  • Before wiring, make sure you do not water, because branches snap much easier.

  • Jade Bonsai is easy to propagate simply by taking small branches, This can be done at any time during the year.

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