Indoor Bonsai

Bonsai is a wonderful addition to your home. In these times of globalization and everyday stress, we seldom notice the nicer side of life.

With all of our obligations we have less and less time for hobbies and relaxation. To achieve balance and ease of body and mind – I recommend plant growing! Though I should in fairness add, that growing bonsai requires a certain amount of skill and a lot of attention.

But, one thing is for sure – during all that hard work and effort, your bonsai will give back – it’ll cleanse your spirit and refresh your mind. It is a well known fact that every bonsai’s home mission is to make peace between a man and nature.

Back in the day, growing bonsai was a privilege of nobles from Far East. So it is from the homes of emperors and samurais that bonsai has moved to homes of the “commons” all around the world. Many claim that bonsai growing is nothing but harassing the plant to keep it small. That is so not true. Horticultural experts use pruning to thicken to tree’s treetop. The same goes for grapevines and hedges.

Actually, one should know that a tree in a pot is feeling quite comfortable, really enjoying in almost ideal growth conditions: appropriate soil mixture, adequate water quantity, pruning, transplanting and supplemental nurturing through mineral fertilizers. Do you want your bonsai to grow into a beautiful plant, similar to its cousins in nature? Provide the similar conditions as in its natural habitat. Keep it outside, for instance on a balcony protected by roof.

If you plan to transplant your bonsai, make sure you do it in the period of late autumn to early spring. Also you shouldn’t do that very often. It’s enough to transplant a young plant every two years, and the older ones every four years.

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