Indoor Bonsai Care

Tropical and sub-tropical trees can be grown as indoor bonsai. A few hobbyists grow these indoors all year long with supplemental lighting. But even these trees will do best if they are grown outdoors during the normal growing season.

When night temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, these trees need to be brought indoors. Tropical environments receive about 12 hours of daylight all year long.

Indoors, give your bonsai as much light as possible, perhaps supplemented with grow lights set on a timer to mimic natural conditions. Most of our homes have a low relative humidity during the winter.

Misting the foliage, or grouping your plants together, or placing pans of gravel and water under, or near, your bonsai will help raise the humidity. Remember, however, your bonsai pot must never be sitting in water deeper than the feet on the pot. The water level must never be above the bottom of the pot.

During the winter months your indoor trees will need to be watered less often. Whether this is every other day, or once a week depends entirely on your specific conditions.

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