Growing Bonsai Trees

During the last couple of years we can see more and more flower shops selling the bonsai trees primarily coming from China or Japan. Unfortunately, many of those trees die in those shops, so very few reach its final destination – someone’s home.

I’ve been in contact with many nature lovers who bought some kind of a bonsai tree. So this is the most common question: “How do I keep my bonsai tree from dying?

Unfortunately, most of the nature lovers end up being disappointed soon after they’ve purchased their first bonsai. One of the reasons is, if you ask me, many florists don’t have enough knowledge of bonsai, and not to mention determining a type or its specific needs.

That is somewhat logical because most of those trees grew in the wild, and come from tropical areas, and people aren’t familiar enough with it. On the other hand, if we’re talking about pine trees or maples that grow around us, well, then ther’s no real excuse for not knowing the basics of growing bonsai trees.

What about Styles?

The expression "Bonsai Styles" means the forming of shape of the Bonsai. You can style your Bonsai in a number of ways, depending on the type of tree you are working with and the style you prefer. There are also Japanese styles...

Growing from seeds?

Growing Bonsai Tree Seeds is a slow process, unless you intend to grow plants whose maximum height will be six inches. A more nearly perfect tree can be grown from seed because the trunk...

Growing Techniques

When you choose the style for your Bonsai, you will need to learn how to accomplish that style. Working with Bonsai is a learning experience and there are several Bonsai Techniques. You will be successful if you keep in mind that...

Growing How to’s

If you’re wondering How to Grow Bonsai Tree - you must follow certain rules. While you can add a little of your own creativity, the fact remains that the guidelines are set in place for a reason. When learning how to grow and train Bonsai...

Making How to’s

How to Make Bonsai? Well, plants chosen for bonsai should have attractive bark, and the trunk must give the illusion of maturity. The trunk should have girth, but must remain in proportion to the entire tree. The trunk should taper gradually toward the top of the tree. All parts of the ideal bonsai...

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