Ficus Bonsai Tree

The Ficus is a great choice for Bonsai. Although Ficus Bonsai is primarily tropical plant growing in the jungles of Asia, there are a lot of species that can be grown outside of this type of environment.

For the best results, you need to provide this plant with lots of sunlight although it also does well in partial shade. The soil should be rich in humus, moist and well drained.

When the weather turns too hot, you need to bring ficus bonsai indoors. You also need to shield it from cold wind and frost.

The Ficus will produce aerial roots that come out of the branches and trunk. You can leave these roots if you like the look or remove them. The roots are brittle at first, but strengthen and turn into a very strong part of the tree once they reach nutrients.

The size of the leaves on this Bonsai will vary in size from one-half to three-quarter of an inch, varying from one species to another.


  • Ficus bonsai will need to be pruned throughout the year, cutting back to three leaves.

  • Since the leaves tend to be large, you can help reduce their size by defoliating at the end of summer.

  • Over watering causes root rot, which causing death of the plant.

  • To maintain humidity levels, sprinkle the leaves of Ficus several times per week.

  • Do not subject this plant to sudden changes in temperature.

  • Between watering, allow the soil to dry.

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