Bonsai Trimming

As your tree grows it will be necessary to trim and prune it to maintain its bonsai shape and size.

The process of shaping begins when the tree is very young and is on-going as it continues its growth.

Trimming is accomplished by using a sharp scissors, or shears. This tool is called "butterfly" shears or bonsai shears and isusede for removing foliage and light branches.

When heavier branches are removed, we call it pruning, and the tool to use is the concave cutter. The concave cutter allows you to remove small, medium and even large branches without leaving any visible scars.

Severe pruning is generally done in the spring. Lesser pruning is done throughout the growing year.

Pruning is also done to equalize the vigor in different portions of the tree. The "strong" areas - usually the top of the treeend the ends of the branches, are pruned more than "weak" areas of the tree - the inner branches and the lower brunches.

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