Bonsai Tree Tools

In order to shape bonsai properly – you need proper tools. It’s not necessarily important how it looks or if it's original bonsai tools – what is important is that it is sharp and clean. The tool that’s not sharp enough creates “wounds” and slows down the healing process. And if a tool is not clean – it could transfer various viral and bacterial diseases.

For starters, while the tree is young, garden scissors should suffice, garden knife, various scissors (you could use even and sewing scissors), bending and cutting pliers, as well as pincers.

Later these tools won’t be enough to do the job right – skillfully, neatly and cleanly. If you can afford it and you’re serious about dwarf tree growing – by all means you should get the right tools.

Besides the tools, you’ll need some auxiliary accessories, like watering can with fine water rose, little sprayer (sprinkler), different sifters for soil and other planting materials.

Once you finish up with your tools – you should clean it, if necessary oil it, and store it so it could serve you another time.

There are two important principles to remember when it comes to bonsai tree tools. The first is that bonsai tools are tools designed for a specific purpose. Using the right bonsai tools for the task can make the bonsai experience a pleasure rather then a chore.

Second is that using a well-maintained tool rather than a neglected tools is just important as using the right tool. A well-cared-for tool, used properly, will work for you, making your bonsai experience what it should be – a source of enjoyment.

A lot has been written about the importance of caring for your tools, tools of any kind, from everyday garden implements to the utensils used in the most exacting of crafts or professions.

Bonsai is an art, and you owe it to yourself to have the right tools for your art. It is not only important to know your tools’ purpose, but also their limitations. So use the appropriate tool for the work to be done and, as with any art, don’t forget that the most important tool of all is your imagination.

It is also important to purchase the highest-quality bonsai tree tools that your budget will alow. In general, the life of the tool relates directly to the hardness of the steel used in its construction, to the manufacturing method employed, and to the attention to detail paid during assembly. The harder the steel, the more difficult it is to manufacture, hence the variations in cost from grade to grade. A true stainless steel, with the cutting edges laminated with high-carbon compound to extend their sharpness and life, increases the cost, but the result is a tool that really will last a lifetime.

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