Bonsai Tree Seeds

The expression - Bonsai Seeds - means the seeds for certain type of trees which, after germination, we can grow as a Bonsai.

Growing bonsai from seeds is a slow process, unless you intend to grow plants whose maximum height will be six inches. A more nearly perfect tree can be grown from seed because the trunk can be shaped from the beginning to suit the grower.

To develop the trunk rapidly, plant seedlings in the ground outdoors; seedlings are kept outside from 2 to 5 years, depending on the type of material planted and its rate of growth.

Each spring, dig up the plant and prune its roots just as if it were in a pot. When you choose a seedling, select one that has small leaves to begin with.

You have two options for seed germinations. The first involves pre-treating the seeds, and then sowing them so germination is forced during the springtime.

The second option is easier and more natural. This method consist of sowing the seeds into mulched bed during the fall and then again, in mid-summer, without using pre-treatment, which helps the germination the following spring.

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