Bonsai Tree Meaning

Bonsai have become very trendy over the past twenty years. Reflecting our current lifestyle and interests, garden centers, stores have all started to sell bonsai, while bonsai clubs are attracting an increasing number of young people eager to learn the intricacies of growing miniature trees and its meaning.

In both Chinese and Japanese language, it means "tree in a pot" and it is pronounced bone-sigh.

Easy to care for, bonsai trees can be grown in windows that are neither too sunny nor too hot, as well as in other light environments or even bathrooms. And depending whether you live in a cold or temperate climate, bonsai can thrive both inside and outside.

There is no particular type of person who wants to have a real tree in miniature, but it is precisely this desire that defines bonsai-growers. The idea of holding the miniature image of a huge tree in your hand somehow appeals to all of us, perhaps reminding us of our childhood, when we played with toys that represented bigger things.

Although anyone can keep bonsai, it is how you keep them that makes the difference. If you have just one bonsai, you could tend to this tree as you would a houseplant, giving it just enough care to keep it alive. If you move beyond this houseplant concept, you will find yourself on a wonderful journey of discovery.

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