Bonsai Tree Info

Bonsai will grow best if it experiences the same or similar environmental conditions as it would experience had it been growing wild. Join your local bonsai club and share your expirience with other growers of bonsai.

Bonsai need the daily temperature variations, the intensity of the sun, and seasonal variations in temperature to remain strong and vigorous.

Deciduous trees will have their leaves turn colors in the fall, and then lose their leaves, just as normal sized trees of same type. These same trees will sprout a new crop of leaves the following spring.

There are many different styles of shaping and training bonsai. Almost every bonsai enthusiast has idea of factors make them aesthetically appealing.

Size classification

  • Tiny - up to 7.5 cm (3 in)
  • Small - 7.5 to 25 cm (3 to 10 in)
  • Medium - 25 to 40 cm (10 to 16 in)
  • Medium to large - 40 to 60 cm (16 to 24 in)
  • Large - 60 to 120 cm ( 24 to 47 in)

Not all authors agree on these ranges, but the concept of the ranges is necessary to both the cultivation and the aesthetic understanding of the bonsai.

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