Bonsai Instructions

When you say you’re into bonsai, that primarily means growing little trees in pots. It doesn’t matter if it’s a one year or a twenty year old tree. Anyhow, you have to care about it on a daily basis. It’s very similar to pets actually. If you’re ready for it – then the first thing you’ve got to think about is a space where you would grow it. Which means, how much space you’ve got? Is it a balcony, or a garden? Or do you plan to have it inside? How many trees would you like to grow? Would you like it to be in a short and shallow or in a tall pot? Etc…

Acquiring yourself a future bonsai tree should not hard. There should be plenty of seedlings in nurseries or out there in the “wild”. Because bonsai isn’t any particular tree, that a tree from all around you. From your friends or cousins, from your village or something, even from your favorite mountain.

You’ll ask: “And how do I get my own bonsai from that?!”Well, by pruning the tree top and root, transplanting it to appropriate soil and pot, and of course – watering

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