Bonsai for Beginners

The most important thing for beginners is to learn how to care bonsai. The surest way to kill a bonsai is to keep it on top of the television. With proper care most bonsai should outlive their owners.

Bonsai trees are so fascinating and unique that they will attract attention and can be a voice of relaxation and peace, especially combined with a rocks and in the right environment.

It is not the 'cruel' hobby and trees don’t starve in order to be dwarfed. Bonsai in many cases are actually healthier than their cousins in the wild, enjoying the same longevity.

Bonsai in Japan are often traditionally passed from generation to generation during their long lifetime. Various branch pruning techniques are what actually dwarf the tree.

With proper bonsai technique, leaf or needle size will be reduced in time. By this technique, leaves will be in harmony with the small size of the bonsai tree.

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