Azalea Bonsai

Azalea is very commonly used for Bonsai. With many varieties, Azalea is very hardy and has wonderful flowers up to seven inches in diameter.

Considered as a shrub, the bright flowers are produced in the spring. You will also enjoy beautiful blooms during the midwinter.

The Azalea is perfect for Bonsai in that they can be trained in any style. With a defined trunk, they can be trained to look like tree without much effort.


  • Soil must be open, porous, have good drainage, good aeration and an acid (pH 5.0-6.0) chemical reaction.

  • Protect Azalea from hard rains and frost, especially in the flowering season

  • Some Azaleas can be grown in full sun, but if the leaves unfolded from the bud in the shade they will be thin and will usually burn if placed in full sunlight. The Azalea will do best when placed in partial shade

  • Azaleas can be repotted anytime from late summer until late spring.

  • After the flowers fade they should be cut off to the base of the flower stems. New shoots will develop from the basal area where flowers were.

  • Fertilize your Azalea once every two week with a weak acid-type fertilize.

  • Root rot is the primary cause of losses of azaleas. Prevention by appropriate soil and careful watering is about the only way to prevent this disease.

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