Japanese Bonsai terms

  • NEBARI - Superficial roots on the place where a trunk enters the soil
  • JIN - dead, dry part branch or a tip of a trunk
  • SHARI - dead, dry part of a trunk
  • SABAMIKI - A big cavity trunk
  • URO - recess in a trunk, usually originating from a fall off branch
  • BANKON - A swelling on a place where trunk enters the ground
  • YAMADORI - stunted tree, found in nature, with a potential to become bonsai
  • TANUKI – Dead branch or a part of a trunk that has been artificially attached
  • PENJING - miniature landscape
  • SUISEKI - Naturally shaped stone that resembles on a mountain or a landscape
  • TOKONOMA – Traditional Japanese way of exhibiting and presenting bonsais
  • KUSAMONO – So called “accent” plants, usually exhibited with bonsai; also in small pots

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